Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Released in 1937 and still considered the greatest animated film.

2. Toy Story: Woody, Buzz Lightyear and friends first burst on to movie screens in 1995.

3. Shrek: Featuring Mike Myers as a green ogre, it dates from 2001.

4 Finding Nemo: Produced in 2003, it tells of two clownfish, their son and adventures with sharks.

5 The Lion King: A Disney movie from 1994 about the adventures of a pride of lions in the African jungle.

6 Up: The 2009 film tells of a grumpy pensioner and a boy who fly with balloons tied to a house.

7 How to Train Your Dragon: Featuring the voices of Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson and David Tennant.

8 Beauty and the Beast: Disney film that became the first animated movie nominated for Best Picture Oscar.

9 Frozen: Based on the Hand Christian Andersen tale The Snow Queen.

10 Fantasia: 1940 movie with animations set to pieces of classical music.