Is she sleeping? I'm sure she is, insists Sophia's mum.

Another glance at the baby monitor tells another story. As the days, weeks and months have gone on, we have had many interesting nights as Sophia's sleeping ritual has changed. Due to skin allergies, it's often a battle to ensure our little one doesn't scratch herself to pieces.

We have tried every possible sleepwear garment and read up on tips to ensure bedtime is as easy as possible for Sophia. Investing in a swaddle blanket was one of the best pieces of advice we were given.

For the first couple of months it was the only way to ensure our little madam could have a good night's sleep. As soon as it was on, Sophia knew it was time to go to sleep, and we were surprised that it seemed to do the trick.

Another handy hint, which I had never heard about before was the 'dream feed'. I never imagined it would be possible to 'top-up' Sophia's milk intake while she was asleep. A quick feed before we went to bed ensured she had enough to get her through the night, without sleep ever being disturbed. Every time I went upstairs to do the 'dream feed', I was sure she would wake up but she would carry on sleeping while having some more milk.

Now that Sophia is out of her swaddle, she is nice and cosy in a sleeping bag, however that has brought on some more interesting antics. She now appears to think she is a gymnast, judging by some of the positions she gets in during the night. I don't know how she can still manage to sleep but she does quite happily.

We are now waking up in the morning to Sophia chatting away and crawling around the cot. Or, she is sitting waiting for us to come through with a cheeky smile on her face. Thankfully we moved the level of the cot down, so there is no chance of her climbing out. She even managed to scamper over to grab a dummy and put it back in when she woke up. There's just no stopping Sophia now that she's worked out how to crawl!

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