BUILDINGS which are empty and which are allowed to fall into a state of disrepair are more than an eyesore, they can quickly become a danger.

Too many buildings in Glasgow have been neglected and allowed to decay, attracting vandalism and posing fire risks.

The owners of the buildings and whoever is responsible under lease obligations need to ensure they are taking their responsibilities seriously.

While no-one would argue the former car showroom in Peat Road is important in any heritage sense there must still be a responsibility to ensure the premises is secure and protected for future commercial use.

We have seen premises in the city, many of which - like Springburn Halls - were considered to be of architectural importance crumble to the stage where they had to be demolished to the dismay and anger of residents.

Building safety, whether it is occupied or not, is of paramount importance and those responsible for property must take care of it or transfer ownership to someone who will.

Events of the last week show how important architectural heritage is to Glasgow and both Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government need to look at what can be done to enable intervention and enforcement.