THE restoration of the Kelvingrove bandstand will be welcomed by music lovers of all ages in Glasgow and beyond.

It sat sad and lonely for more than a decade, when it could have been used for any number of events, occupying a perfect location in the city.

There are not many open-air bandstand venues like it remaining, and bringing it back into active use provides the city with another facility for outdoor entertainment.

It may not be capable of hosting the spectacular shows the city witnessed last weekend in George Square and Glasgow Green but it can provide a place for new and community-based bands and artists to perform.

The bandstand and amphitheatre has seen many acts over the years who have gone on to bigger things and will burst back to life this summer with shows by artists including Steve Earle and The Waterboys.

The old stand has been versatile over its 90-year history, moving with the times staging classical concerts, festivals, roadshows and even an anti-poll tax demo concert before it was shut down in 1999.

Now it is looking its best once again and ready to reclaim its place in Glasgow's history and provide hours of enjoyment for generations to come.

Welcome back.