The term WAG refers to women who are wives of girlfriends of famous football players but it seems like its grown to have a much more general meaning

I feel it's become more of an idea of a young woman who wants to gain fortune and fame solely based on who her partner is.

Recently I've noticed that Glasgow has become awash with young girls who think life's highest achievement is marrying a footballer. These girls teeter around in their stilettos, skinny jeans, boyfriend t-shirts, blazers and oversized sunglasses. They think going out, meeting a footballer and being claimed like a trophy is the be all and end all. And the worst part - they think they're entitled to the fame, money and glamour that comes with being a WAG.

Long gone are the days when a woman was expected to be seen and not heard; to bear the children; make the dinner; do the laundry; clean the house. We're in the 21st century and women have fought to claim the place we deserve in society - so why are young girls so desperate to be trophy wives?

Maybe it's just me, but I will never be able to understand why you would want to be an extension, an accessory, a product of someone else's success. Women deserve to be successful in their own right and they should be acting accordingly.

These girls are obsessed with reality TV stars who've never done a day's work in their life and they aspire to live the same kind of luxurious lifestyle. They're first in line at the Sugarcube or Kushion when one of these 'celebrities' is making an appearance. The wannabe WAGs get dolled up with their fake tan, fake eyelashes and hair extensions in the hope that they can sneak their way into the VIP booth and have a taste of the glamour with all the free booze and photos. They're the groupies of generation Y.

It's become the norm for girls to send photos off to modelling agencies, to enter beauty pageants, buy Instagram or Twitter followers and act as PRs for nightclub, parading themselves around for men to take their pick. It saddens me to think we're living in a world where young women want to be named Miss Scotland and ogled at by men in a newspaper that still thinks it's acceptable to feature topless girls on page 3. Surely we're past this? I don't recall ever opening up a newspaper and seeing a photo of a man with oiled up pecks and a G-string on.

All of these things are OK in moderation but so many young women seem to be making it their only objective in life. We should be pushing women to want to be successful for the right reasons - because they're smart, because they're talented, because they're hardworking. Don't let a man take all the credit when you can be just as successful all on your own!