1 Jellied eels:

The East End of London speciality tops many people's list of 'disgusting foods'.

2 Brussels sprouts: Most peoples' least favourite green, despite the fact they are good for you. For most, once a year, at Christmas, is enough.

3 Black pudding: Considered a delicacy in many parts of the country, for some the blood content gives it a 'yuck' factor.

4 Oysters: Even the alleged aphrodisiac quality doesn't help to stomach the salty bi-valves.

5 Beetroot: The taste of the earth - or the dirt - is often what puts people off.

6 Liver: A 'metallic' blood taste is off-putting - and who wants to eat liver anyway?

7 Tripe: The offal of a cow's stomach - offal says it all really. Usually served with onions in a milk sauce

8 Anchovies: The high salt content in the little Mediterranean fish is what puts most people off.

9 Avocado: Green and gunky, it's slippery nature can put off many diners.

10 Blue cheese: It smells and that is enough for many people to dislike it.