I am number 13 on my journey of 30 things to do before 30. If I was superstitious I'd panic because I decided to get a tattoo.

What better way to remember this year, to mark all the things I'm doing and achieving than with a tattoo? This was something just for me - a birthday present from myself.

I've had a couple of weekends rest and I have been planning the weeks ahead. But this seemed very fitting to do for me - for my 30th birthday.

It's my first tattoo and who knows, it could be the start of something or it will be the ultimate memento for this year.

I won't share too much about my tattoo because it is personal but I love it already. I have toyed with the idea on and off for years but was never sure what I wanted or where I wanted it to go. Then I stumbled across this and that was it! A few tweaks were just needed to make it my perfect tattoo.

I went to Chameleon Tattoo on Paisley's Glasgow road. I showed my design and asked for the price. Tattooist Paul came back with all the information I asked for, and 10 minutes later I'm lying beside tattooist Alex with the needle ready. No going back then.

I suppose the worry is they become like hairdressers, you ask for an inch off and they take four. Or you ask for a few layers and they leave you with a bob cut. I have to say though I have an excellent hairdresser and this was no different, they listened and together we came up with exactly what I wanted and now I have it for life.

Scary thought but also incredible. It was my sister that said how much it fitted with this year and my life right now, and I suppose this means I'll always carry the care free, love every minute spirit I have at the moment. Everything happens for a reason. It's cliché but I wouldn't change my life right now as I wouldn't have the wonderful memories or friends I have now, had my life gone any other way. I also wouldn't be doing this crazy challenge this year. It's certainly making me reflect on a lot of things. Love the life you live.

Anyway back to the tattoo. Everybody said it would hurt, it was sore but it was manageable and actually as I write this a good hour after my inking it's worse now, a constant burning/hot ache but again nothing too bad, even that's fading. It's difficult to put into words, again my determination of wanting it is probably helping. I do think I'm going crazy or something. The guys in the Paisley shop were lovely, the place was clean and the music was heavy metal, I don't know what I expected but it all was very quick and professional. It was all very relaxed and perhaps somewhat surreal to me. They get a thumbs up anyway and a recommendation if anyone was to ask me.

So I'd like to thank Paul and Alex for my new fabulous tattoo. My mother probably doesn't feel quite the same. I'm just impressed with myself if I'm honest. This year is flying in and I think if you want something, go for it. It's actually easier than you think to be spontaneous or make the most of the free time you have. I'm well rested anyway and looking forward to the next few. Nearly half way.

Number 13 - inked and ready for the next one.