THE fact we need food banks is a sad manifestation of the inequality in society today and the despair some people have to endure is unacceptable in a wealthy country.

However, the need exists and the support for the Evening Times Food For Thought campaign has been heartwarming.

While there are people in need of emergency food help, we must be thankful there are organisations and charities prepared to ensure there is help available.

The rest of society can help ensure they are able to meet that need by donating to food banks and offering what support they require to ensure the supplies get to where they are needed.

People of all walks of life and politicians of different persuasions have backed the campaign which is evidence of a willingness to ensure the most vulnerable people get help when they most need it.

With the backing of our readers, the people of Glasgow, as we have seen today, the Evening Times through the campaign will continue to highlight the problems faced by those in need and keep urging as many people and organisations as possible to get involved.

As we have seen in all campaigns, when our readers see people who require help they are more than willing to provide it.