WHERE would we be without volunteers?

In a far worse place than we are now, that's where.

The Macmillan team in Glasgow, who have just won a UK award for their service, is one example of people putting the needs of others first when it comes to how they spend their time.

Many have been in the same situation as those they are supporting so they have real empathy and understanding of their clients' plights.

The Macmillan support service, helps with all the aspects of life, such as finances, that don't stop just because someone has cancer but which can easily get out of control.

It helps take the stress from the every-day tasks and allows the person to focus on recovery - and without those volunteers the service simply would not exist.

The team fully deserves its award and deserves all of our thanks and recognition. Their work is invaluable.

We have seen on other occasions, such as with our campaign on food banks, how people are willing to help others in their time of need and the award-winning Macmillan team is another example of that spirit of humanity and generosity that can only inspire hope and faith in others.

Congratulations and thank you.