1 Hilda Ogden:

Jean Alexander's character is remembered for her curlers.

2 Ena Sharples: The milk-stout drinking battleaxe was played by Violet Carson.

3 Hayley Cropper: Julie Hesmondhalgh played the first transgender character in a UK soap opera.

4 Vera Duckworth: She and Jack were the Street's Darby and Joan.

5 Ken Barlow: Local boy made good, "boring Ken" played by William Roache has been there since episode one.

6 Alec Gilroy: Scheming character played by Roy Barraclough, he had a tempestuous marriage to Bet Lynch.

7 Annie Walker: Snooty but tough barmaid at the Rovers played by Doris Speed for 23 years.

8 Mike Baldwin: London wide boy and ruthless businessman, Johnny Briggs played him for 30 years.

9 Elsie Tanner: Pat Phoenix transformed the character into a vampish icon with a fondness for men.

10 Steve McDonald: The dodgy son of Jim and Liz, he was voted the nation's favourite soap character in 2009.