SO it was a case of the good, the bad and the very ugly this week as the big G went up in George Square to celebrate this summer's Commonwealth Games which kick off in 48 days time.

A poor lost cow wandered on to the M8 on Tuesday night causing a massive tailback on the motorway for One Direction fans trying to get to the gig at Murrayfield and it was handbags at dawn at a Glasgow awards ceremony on Sunday evening which thanks to some grainy smart phone footage ended up all over the news but the less said about that little display the better.

It all actually sounds more like the plot of soap opera and one that I most definitely would want to watch although something else I read in the press actually managed to trump all of the above to win, "Most random but brilliant news story of the week" title (think Harry Hill's TV Burp style singing when reading out that last part).

It turns out that we can take credit for the world's first Pub Up A Crane and yes I know what you're thinking, the rest of the country will now be utterly convinced that there is simply nowhere or no physical object that we won't turn into a pub.

I mean we've already got the reputation of, 'If it's not nailed down we'll fry it and eat it' thanks to the likes of the deep fried Mars Bar which to this day I've still never seen advertised in any Glasgow chippy.

Although I remember rendering a London mate of mine utterly speechless when I told him that we did in fact deep fry our pizzas up here and that they were delicious after a night on the town.

Sadly he didn't understand how that was possible until I pointed out to him that you don't stay in my kind of shape without dunking a few pizzas into boiling fat once in a while.

Yes the geniuses at Whyte and MacKay have transformed part of the famous Titan Crane on the banks of the River Clyde in Clydebank into a lovely wee pub with spectacular views of the city and plenty of drams on offer.

Sadly this little gem will only be opened to the public for three days to mark the 170 year anniversary of the Glasgow distillery and has been given the name The Lions Clyde.

I'm sure there are reasons for this but I'd love to see it become a permanent fixture in the future although I'm thinking that because it's located 150ft up in the air and can only accommodate eight people at a time might prove a problem but it got me thinking about landmarks in Glasgow that could be turned into pubs.

We could have cocktails in the Cathedral, tequila in the Tolbooth Steeple, beers in the Barrowlands, oh wait we've already done that one, or even daiquiris around the Duke of Wellington statue complete of course with the cone.

I even Googled a list of Glasgow's top 50 famous landmarks only to find that at least half of the buildings on there had in fact already been turned into pubs in one form or another so there you have it, it's true.

We Glaswegians really will turn anything into a pub and a word of warning for all tourist next time you are out partying in the city and you lose something - don't head to the local police station to report it lost or stolen but instead just go into the nearest chippy and ask for it back along with a side portion of deep fried Mars Bar and a pickle.

I'M delighted to announce that I will be performing my one woman show, Michelle McManus' Reality: The Musical at this year's Funny in Falkirk on July 19.

I'll also be performing the show for two weeks at this year's Edinburgh Festival at the exciting new venue in St Andrews Square Gardens but if you can't wait until August then why not come along to Falkirk.

The show enjoyed a completely sold out run at last year's Fringe and received five star reviews across the board.

It's an evening of storytelling about the last 11 years since winning Pop Idol with sing along musical numbers and a bit of celebrity gossip thrown in for good measure.

For more information and for tickets log onto either or