INSTALLING CCTV cameras is not a guarantee that offences will not happen, but it does serve a valuable purpose in the fight against crime.

Criminals will always shy away from areas where they can be seen, so well-lit, busy areas with security cameras will act as a deterrent.

The cameras are also crucial in providing evidence, not necessarily of the crime itself, but of the movements of suspects before and after the act.

The people in Govanhill and areas of the south side of the city, where horrific sex attacks have taken place, are rightly concerned and want to improve the safety of their streets.

Cameras at strategic locations can be part of that solution along with increased police patrols and a greater vigilance among the community and willingness to report suspicious behaviour.

No one should have to live and walk in streets of fear and all measures which can ensure the community reclaims the streets should be welcomed by everyone.

In the meantime it is vital that those responsible are brought to justice and all assistance is offered to the police during their investigations.

Then with new security measures in place people can begin to feel safe in their own community once again.