This week, a drop at the top of the Titan Crane, going wild for Hayley Scanlan and sniffing out Central Station's new joint…

The Bar

The Titan Crane, originally built to haul shipbuilding material, opened in 2007 as a museum and a place where Glasgow loons could go to throw themselves off it's lofty jaw - by bungee jumping or abseiling - for fun. I've been along to watch the thrill seekers and often wondered what the dockers of days gone by would have thought about how it is now being used.

A bar at the top, though, now that's something I'm sure they could have got their heads around. Open for one week only, the pub, called The Lion's Crane, has been set up by Whyte and Mackay to celebrate the whisky's own clyde-built heritage. Although plenty of folk will go to the ends of the earth for a pint, a bar on the top of a crane is, in fact, a world first.

There's not much room up there, you don't really want to be jostling people out the way to get to the bar when you're 150ft up in the air, so spaces are limited to just eight folk at a time. It's kitted out with all the things you would expect from your local, a roaring fire (albeit thanks to a DVD) a knowledgeable barman… and the perfect view to watch the world go by.

Sadly, today The Lion's Crane will call closing time for good, but seeing as it's the crane's first corporate venture, hopefully there'll be more opportunities for Glaswegians to get a high spirits at the top without bungeeing to get there!

The Fashion

Clothes: where would we be without them? A wee bit chilly, no doubt. I've been a dedicated follower of fashion since I decided to cut up my school shirts and replace the stitching with safety pins. Very punk. Very unhappy parents.

Scottish fashion isn't just about getting tartaned up (or safety pins for that matter), we've produced some of the most exciting designers of the last decade like Christopher Kane, Jonathan Saunders and Holly Fulton. And hot on their (fashionable) heels, is upcoming talent Hayley Scanlan.

Hayley won Young Scottish Designer of the Year in 2012. Since then, famous folk have been clammering for her clobber, she's had a sell-out collaboration with Topshop and this week she launched a special pop-up shop in Debenhams Glasgow. I popped along to the opening night party to check out her Love Me Tender collection and have a wee blether.

Hayley said she always designs clothes she would like to wear: feminine with a touch of rock and roll. Thankfully, no safety pins though! In the past she's taken inspiration from home (unlike many designers she's kept her base here in Scotland) but her Love Me Tender collection was mainly inspired by 90's film True Romance. All the pieces have seriously sexy silhouettes and I fell wildly in love with this snakeskin dress.

If you missed her (and her collection) in store, fingers crossed Debenhams snap her up as one of their resident designers, otherwise - heaven forbid - I might need to dig out my scissors again…

The Restaurant

In Central Station, it's usually the mouth-watering aroma of a chippy that welcomes you home, but this week it was easy to sniff out, there's a new joint in town. Tucked away in the catacombs of the station, new restaurant Alston Bar and Beef opened it's doors, so me (and my nose) went along to check it out.

Directly opposite the ticket office there's a wee entrance way that leads you down to the delights below. It makes you feel like you're discovering something special, and you are. Named after Alston Street, the main road that ran through Glasgow's forgotten village of Grahamston (which was demolished to make way for the station) the place has echoes of the past in all it's exposed brick arches, but the lighting and ambience is entirely modern.

The clue might have been in the name, but the Alston prides itself on it's beefy offering. They have over 10 different cuts of steak, including the surprisingly delicious flat iron, which was succulent and flavoursome. They also have a healthy bar menu with over 55 different gins, many of which are produced in Scotland.

It's more than just a place to grab a bite when you're going on a journey, the Alston is a destination and well worth exploring.

Wee Bird Recommends

Two Wee Bird's eye spots this week:

Weekend: It's Mardi Gras time on Sunday, so look out your Samba (and possibly your umbrella) and get down to Byres Road for the UK's second largest Carnival!

Next Week: Wee recommends checking out The Sloans Project, a Glaswegian Opera. And if that isn't enough to persuade you to check it out, you can also take your drink with you as you follow the story around all three floors of Sloans Bar and Restaurant. Performances are Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm and Thursday at 2.30pm.