THIS time last year, I couldn't imagine sitting in a circle with 10 mothers and their little babies.

Fast forward to this week and that's exactly what I was doing.

Sophia has been revelling in visiting her weekly baby sensory class and with mum working, I was taking buddha to see what all the fuss was about.

The classes have given our little one a chance to experience all sorts of sounds, textures and most importantly, getting used to being around other children.

Our nosey little parker of course loves this and can hardly keep her head still as she creaks her neck at every sound.

After taking my place on a mat, a welcome song is played, along with baby sign language from the class organiser.

Sophia straight away smiles and starts doing the hand signs to go with the catchy song.

It's hard not to smile as I see the impact the class has on her.

Every week there is a different theme and this week it's set to get messy.

To give the youngsters a chance to experience different textures, bowls of jelly and spaghetti are brought out and there's lots of laughter as fingers and faces get very sticky.

As I could have predicted, Sophia prefers to just stick the jelly straight into her mouth rather than just touch it.

Once the messy part of the class is out of the way, it's time for the bubbles and rattles.

A crawling little buddha makes a beeline for a rattle as soon as they are brought out, and heads to the middle of the floor to get her first pick.

There's even time for a brief interlude and some fun in a ball pool, followed by a road test of some toys in the hall before home time, when a farewell song is played for the tired-out little babies.

Sophia, again, gets involved with the song and waves at the right point and gives herself a round of applause at the end.

It's changed days indeed...however I wouldn't swap them for all the jelly you could throw at me!

Bring on next week.

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