IN one hundred days time, the polling booths will be open for the biggest political decision Scotland has ever taken.

The politicians have been honing their campaign tactics and strategies designed to convince you that their objective is the only possible option come September 18.

Politicians and campaigners will push their own agenda on to the public, and that may not always provide the information people require to make their minds up.

So, in the next 100 days it is for each and every one of us, who wants to have a debate that is as informed and constructive as possible, to challenge the campaigners and ask them the questions you want answered to allow you to make up your mind which way you want to vote.

The last time the constitutional relationship was altered, the ordinary Scots didn't have a vote - this time it is up to the people.

Either way, on September 19, it will be too late to ask questions, so get involved between now and then, go along to a meeting, respond to the leaflets through your door and play your part in the democratic process.

The Evening Times will be asking the politicians on both sides to explain and justify their positions on your behalf, but would urge everyone to join the debate and, most of all, to cast your vote on September 18.