THE number of people in need of emergency food help in Glasgow has risen rapidly in recent years sparking the rise in foodbanks and putting pressure on supplies.

One of the main reasons cited for this has been welfare cuts and benefit sanctions pushing people deeper into despair.

The Scottish Parliament Welfare Reform Committee report confirms what many people have known for a long time - that the current system is not helping people but making matters worse for many.

The report was only produced after long sessions with the people affected and organisations which are trying to help, and it has been informed by their experiences.

However, some still refuse to listen, with the sole Tory MSP on the committee dissenting from the report and the DWP boss telling how people were thankful for the "jolt" sanctions gave them.

Instead of helping people into work that 'jolt' is sending many people further into debt or to foodbanks that thankfully are working hard to meet the need.

That's why the Evening Times Food for Thought Campaign is highlighting the work they do and calling on support to be given to ensure there is not a day when someone is turned away and their family left to go hungry.