ONE consequence of improvements in dealing with domestic abuse cases has been an increase in women reporting offences.

This obviously means greater resources are required for investigation and prosecution and Glasgow's Domestic Abuse Court was intended to do that.

However, the delays that are being experienced are not helping the victims and the families, looking for a resolution to their case after having the courage to come forward in the first place.

Anne-Marie Hicks is right to seek quicker justice, so not to prolong the ordeal for women and children and she understands the legal system and the needs of victims, having been a key figure in setting up the domestic abuse court.

As long as there is no impact on gathering necessary evidence in a case, there is good reason for having it brought to court as soon as possible to allow those affected to begin rebuilding their lives.

There has been a significant improvement in services for women experiencing domestic abuse and the focus must remain to allow those still unable to report crimes against them to the police to do so.

The quicker perpetrators are brought to justice, the more likely it is others will have confidence to seek help for themselves.