LAST week I unveiled Scottish Labour's Referendum Battle Bus, dubbed the #Indyrefexpress.

And what a first week it's been.

In those first 5 days, we visited 16 different constituencies, made 20 campaign stops, had over 150 different activists on board, clocked up 951 miles and made more than 3000 contacts between door to door canvassing and through our on board contact centre.

It's been to rallies in Fife and Dundee, and welcomed on board key figures including Gordon Brown.

It's more than bus, it's a mobile action centre.

It has been great to speak people across not just in Glasgow, but from Annan in the South of Scotland, to Aberdeen in the North, Ayr in the West to Edinburgh in the East, we have seen all parts of Scotland and it's fair to say everywhere the bus has gone it's made quite an impact.

The first stop the day we launched the #Indyrefexpress was the Clydesdale South by-election in South Lanarkshire, 24 hours before voters went to the polls.

And on polling day we saw voters return a Labour Councillor with a big swing from the SNP to Labour.

That's the kind of impact the bus has been having. Yet another election where people have put their faith in a Labour Councillor, safe in the knowledge that in Gordon Muir, they have elected someone who will put delivering for their community first.

After just a week we know the #Indyrefexpress is a big addition to Labour's campaign and there are still many more stops on the way to the 18th of September.

So look out for the bus and be sure to give us a toot or a friendly wave on the way past.

As we travel from community to community, we are making the positive case for what's best for Scotland.

Wherever we have been in the #Indyrefexpress, that message of social justice is resonating.

People right across Scotland can see the strength that comes from pooling and sharing our resources right across the UK for the benefit of all.

They ask us what benefit can possibly arise as a result of severing all political ties with those we have been working with for so long.

They are disgusted to see people like Clare Lally and JK Rowling being attacked by the cybernats just for expressing an opinion.

And they recognise that it is only Labour that can offer transformational change right across the United Kingdom, just as after the Second World War, we came together and built the NHS and the Welfare State, and just as the last Labour government introduced tax credits and the National Minimum Wage.

That is the strength that comes from working together.

We are proud to believe in an idea bigger than independence, that's why we are campaigning for what's best for jobs, best for pensions, best for business, best for schools and hospitals - that's the best of both worlds - a strong Scottish Parliament within the UK.