1 Adolf Hitler:

Nazi leader whose ideology sparked the Second World War.

2 Joseph Stalin: Soviet leader famous for the Great Purge, who killed all who stod in his way.

3 Pol Pot: Executed millions of people in the Killing Fields of Cambodia and led the Khmer Rouge.

4 Mao Zedong: Communist leader of China from 1945 to 1976, he starved more than 20 million people to death.

5 Robert Mugabe: He clings to power in Zimbabwe where millions have lost their homes because of his reforms.

6 Kim Jong-Il: The late North Korean dictator was responsible for the starvation and death of millions.

7 Idi Amin: Self-proclaimed King of Scotland, he ran a genocidal reigime in Uganda.

8 Francois Duvalier: Papa Doc and his Tonton Macoute ran Haiti using voodoo.

9 Bashar al-Assad: Described as a cold-hearted tyrant who has allowed Syria to slip into civil war.

10 Benito Mussolini:

Il Duce led Italy to defeat in the Second World War.