GLASGOW is going to get even busier during the ­Commonwealth Games, that much can be guaranteed.

With the huge influx of athletes, officials and spectators coming to the city and travelling around different venues and accommodation in the east, city centre and west, the transport system cannot expect to function as normal.

There are changes being put in place on road and rail, which some will find frustrating, but hopefully can be negotiated.

This particular change, the one way system for Central Low Level and Argyle Street, is intended to keep both Games passengers and the regular commuters moving and it makes sense to manage the high numbers of people.

The event organisers and transport officials drawing up the traffic plans must take account of the fact Glasgow will still be a busy working city that can't stop for the games.

Obviously there needs to be allowances made by the public and understanding needs to be shown.

Whatever your normal mode of transport and route is on your day to day business, it could be disrupted, so it's best to find out what changes are in place and what alternative arrangements can be made.

With a little patience we can all get along and keep on the move.