IT is one of the annual events that is always guaranteed to bring warmth to your heart and a smile to your face.

The annual kids' outing to Troon when dozens of generous Glasgow Taxi drivers take hundreds to the seaside.

There are many processions that take over the streets and some cause frustration and annoyance but no-one grudges giving over the streets to the fleet of black cabs as they head out of town.

This year the colourful sight did the drivers proud once more as they showed they are every bit as caring, fun loving and generous as ever before.

We need more acts like this where those less fortunate than others are shown that with some community spirit we can make good things happen.

The annual outing was, once again for those who catch a glimpse of it, one of the traditional sights in Glasgow that unites everyone in their enthusiasm and desire to ensure it continues.

As the pictures show the kids and the drivers had a great time and even the weather behaved itself to ensure a wonderful time was had by all.

To the drivers and all those who help raise funds for the outing and give their time to make the trip we salute you.

Well done each and every one.