1 Rod Stewart:

Rockin' Rod busked throughout Europe and was deported from Spain for vagrancy.

2 Pierce Brosnan: The future James Bond performed fire-eating tricks on the streets of London.

3 BB King: The blues great went town to town in Mississippi playing his guitar for loose change.

4 Tracy Chapman: Chapman was talent spotted while singing in Harvard Square when she was a student near Boston.

5 Robin Williams: He had a mime act on the streets of New York while an acting student in the city.

6 Eddie Izzard: The stand-up comic first took his talents to the streets of Sheffield, then Europe.

7 Bernie Mac: The King of Comedy spent two years telling jokes on the south side of Chicago.

8 Donovan: He and his friend Gypsy Dave lived the hippy life in Torquay, busking on the town streets.

9 River Phoenix: Crowds gathered to watch him playing his guitar on streets of LA.

10 Louis Armstrong: Joined a quartet of boys who played in streets of New Orleans.