GEORGE Square has been the setting for many a commemoration of those who have died in the last 100 years serving their country.

This week Armed Forces Day, while also remembering those who died, is a celebration of those who have and are currently serving in the military and the opportunity for people to show their support.

Throughout the history of the forces Glasgow has supplied many men and women to Scottish regiments, the Royal Navy and RAF and continues to do so.

Whether in world wars, more recent conflicts, peacekeeping operations or disaster relief the country's servicemen and women have made a valuable contribution to protecting people at home and abroad.

The role of the military is always changing and while not everyone always agrees with how and where they are deployed, those in uniform are consistent in doing their duty and the job asked of them.

Sadly, but inevitably, many die in the line of duty and others suffer injuries that change their lives forever and some witness events that thankfully most of us never have to.

Armed Forces Day gives us the chance to show our backing for those in the services and their families who put themselves in the front line to protect others.