EVERY big city needs a quick, reliable and, most of all, connected transport ­network to be successful.

As well as having links to the rest of the country and the wider world, the transport system within the city is crucial for it to function and not grind to a halt.

The redevelopment of Queen Street Station and the overall Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Project will benefit passengers greatly with better services and modern facilities.

Queen Street, like Central Station and Buchanan Bus Station, needs to be linked to other modes of transport, whether it is bus, Subway, cycling, taxi and even private car for those who need it.

So before the massive refurbishment begins, it is right that any concerns are raised before it is too late.

The purpose of Queen Street station is transport so that always has to be the priority over retail, which is an important element of this work.

There are many organisations involved in the work that will take place with different priorities, but the travelling public must come first.

And while there will inevitably be disruption during the works, it has to be remembered the city must keep moving before, during and after.