TYPE 1 diabetes can be deadly and urgent treatment can be required to save someone's life.

An awareness of the symptoms is crucial to understand what is happening and how serious it is when someone takes ill with the condition before it is diagnosed.

The increase in Type 1 diabetes among children is as surprising as it is worrying.

Much focus in recent years has been on the increase of Type 2 form of the condition, which is associated with lifestyle and diet, while Type 1 is understood to be hereditary.

Type 1 needs careful management on a day-to-day basis and for children it is essential that they get the treatment they need as soon as possible and are able to manage their condition while not missing out at school.

The number of deaths in Glasgow from diabetes-related causes tells us it is very serious.

It is right that teachers and those working with children are fully aware of the symptoms of someone developing Type 1 diabetes and of the needs of someone with the condition and how serious it is.

For everyone else it will do us no harm to take a little time to understand those symptoms and the difference between the two types.

One day it could save a life.