OUR little roadrunner just won't keep still.

She has even started crawling up the stairs as I stand nervously behind her.

There's just no stopping her now - the baby stair gate is now firmly in place!

Sophia's appetite to be on the move was even more apparent when we took her to a soft play centre this week.

It was the first time I had been to such a place, and I was immediately hit by the noise of high-pitched screams of delight as I walked through the door.

Our little one was slightly taken aback by the amount of youngsters scampering about.

The popular attraction reminded me of the Fun House TV show I used to watch growing up.

There were ball pools aplenty and colourful big slides... sadly no TV host Pat Sharp or his trusted sidekicks, the twins.

After taking a wander around, we put Sophia in the area for under threes and let her explore.

It's rare to see Sophia nervous but she was rather unsure about the new surroundings and kept looking over to us for reassurance.

A wave back to her and she smiled and went on the move again.

She might have been one of the youngest there, but she was quick to make friends, with a little boy patting her on the back to welcome her to the centre.

It was strange as we watched Sophia crawl about and look inquisitively at the other babies enjoying the soft play experience.

A tannoy announcement for a second birthday party quickly emptied the play area Sophia was in and she was left looking bemused as all the youngsters left.

Our wee soul was all by herself as her new friends quickly departed.

That was our signal to lift our lonely-looking baby out and time to go for lunch.

It won't be long until Sophia is running around enjoying birthday parties in the soft play centre... how time flies!

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