THE People Make Glasgow survey confirms to the rest of the world what we have known in this city for a long time.

It is a great place to visit and has top class venues and an eclectic range of attractions and facilities to suit everyone's tastes.

The evidence, if more is needed, is in the diverse array of international events that are hosted in the city across a number of venues.

From the World Pipe Band Championships to the MTV Europe awards, the city can host them all, indoor or out.

The Hydro has brought both a new dimension and some of the world's biggest acts to the city while the smaller venues are renowned for their atmosphere, generated by the famed Glasgow audiences.

The new sports venues will bring even more with top international athletics, gymnastics, cycling championships and more all capable of being hosted here.

In the next few weeks, people will begin to arrive for the Commonwealth Games and the people of the city will give them the warm welcome that will ensure they will want to return.

Yes, we have the venues, yes we have the big names and the big events, but most important of all, we have the people.