Funny how some dates can mean more than others and coincidences can sometimes collide spectacularly.

The 4th of July was always remembered as Independence Day for the United States during my lifetime.

Their war of independence from the shackles of Britain's imperialist rule began in 1775 and their declaration of independence was declared on July 4, 1776.

It was a bloody war and the tactics deployed by the US freedom fighters then would most probably be denounced as terrorism now.

Such is the circle of history. Remember the world's number one wanted man and terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, was proclaimed a 'freedom fighter' by Mrs Thatcher and her Ministers in the early 1980s when he led the resistance to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan?

The US freedom fighters were victorious and the yoke of British imperialism was overthrown.

Blood was shed in the cause of freedom. Seventy years earlier Scotland's status as an independent nation was erased by an unelected and unaccountable cabal of clan leaders who signed the 1707 Treaty of Union without any popular mandate or support.

Now in less than 90 days that 300 year old agreement could be ripped up with the stroke of a small led pencil in the privacy of a small polling booth on September 18.

America celebrates it 'Independence Day' every year on the 4th of July. They have never once asked to return to their previous servile status and become part of the British imperialist blanket since 1776. Yet that could all be about to change in a few days time. After US President, Barack Obama, incredibly entered the Scottish Referendum fray to suggest it would be best for us to reject independence and stay part of the UK.

It is only logical, therefore, that come Friday the same Barack Obama will make the groundbreaking announcement that they are to give up their 300 year old independence and return to the British imperialist fold.

After all if it is not right for Scotland to secure its independence from Britain according to Obama then surely it is not right for his own country to retain theirs? I will look out for that announcement.

What goes around comes around

Staying on the 4th of July it was eight years ago on Friday when I first travelled to Edinburgh to began the tortuous process of sitting outside a court room in Edinburgh's High Court at the start of Tommy's massive five week drama against NGN Newspapers who published the Scottish News of the World.

I eventually gave evidence at that trial and was kind of catapulted into the public eye.

It was an extremely stressful and emotionally painful period of my life.

Tommy believed the News of the World were bullies who distorted stories about people, bullied others and told lies in pursuit of increased circulation figures and profits.

He was advised not to take them on in court as they were a very powerful organisation with friends in very high places.

He rejected that advice in the belief that standing up to bullies was necessary.

After a five week marathon that involved a farmer's field of muck being poured on his head a jury of ordinary folk found in his favour.

Four years later at the High Court in Glasgow a jury found against him and by eight votes to six believed he lied during that case.

Now in 2014, eight years on to the day from that sunny 4th of July in Edinburgh, Andy Coulson, the editor of the News of the World UK at the time of Tommy's case will stand in the dock in London's High Court and be sentenced for his part in the illegal conspiracy to hack the phones of hundreds of individual citizens including the murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler.

He and the editor and news editor of the Scottish News of the World in 2006, Bob Bird and Douglas Wight respectively, have also been charged by Operation Rubicon in connection with their roles in relation to Tommy's 2010 trial.

The paper at the heart of all this scandal and drama, The News of the World, has since been closed down.

An old saying determines that what goes around comes around. Friday and the months to come might just highlight the soundness of that particularly wise pronouncement.