THE sky's the limit for Glasgow Airport after Ryanair made a £360million commitment to flying up to 850,000 passengers per year from the hub.

The Irish airline has decided to set up a new base to serve the city with the launch of seven routes from October, in a move welcomed by airport bosses, business leaders and city politicians.

The news comes as a boost, demonstrating confidence among air operators in our airport.

Glasgow Airport is on a roll as it copes with the busiest time of the year for flights, as thousands of holiday makers head for the sun.

However, the move has inevitably raised concerns over the future of Prestwick Airport, where six of the seven routes now planned for Glasgow are being switched from.

When the Scottish Government took over public ownership of Prestwick last year, when they bought it for a pound, there were fears it could harm Glasgow Airport.

Now the tables have turned and it is Prestwick's future that hangs in the balance while Glasgow is thriving.

The Ayrshire airport has an important role to play in the economy of the west of Scotland and safeguards must be put in place to protect its future, and preserve hundreds of jobs linked to the facility.