Council unveils details of £1.1billion city scheme (July 3): I really do believe this is all possible, but not without Crossrail.

The line would open up huge potential in the city and help sustain regeneration in and around the Gorbals, Glasgow Cross, Saltmarket, Trongate and the Barras.

For this all to work, we'd need a new Glasgow Cross station, linking the Argyle line and linking up to Subway on South Side, also a station at Cumberland Street.

But, speaking from experience, I'm afraid I don't think any of it will happen at all.

Eric Reynolds Posted online

Traffic plans

There may be much to commend the Games organisers for. Parts of the city have unquestionably been brightened up in time for the big event and there is a sense of excitement and occasion about the next few weeks.

Of course there are a few buts, the main one being the way the road closures have been handled. It seems like regular motorists from every part of the city will be disadvantaged by the closures. Surely we deserve better?

JB Hillhead

Gloves are off

Re. Pedal Power is Perfect (July 8). It makes me cringe when I see pictures of people riding bikes without gloves.

Believe me, they save your hands a lot in the event of a spill.

Ronnie Simpson posted online

Scratch that!

DELIGHTED as I am that Ryanair are to offer more flights from Glasgow (July 3), may I offer them another couple of tips on how to boost customer service.

I know they now allow two items of cabin baggage (so no more having to try to stuff my handbag into my flight case), and even give allocated seats, but could they please stop trying to flog scratch cards on every flight.

I've rarely if ever seen anyone buy one and the constant PA pleading is a pain in the neck.

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