In response 'Ebola concerns' (Evening Times, July 5), Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) is a form of viral haemorrhagic disease.

Although there have been several previous outbreaks of EVD in Central and West Africa, exportation of the virus to a non-endemic country, such as Scotland, has historically been exceptionally rare and has never occurred in Europe.

Human-to-human transmissions of the virus have been associated with direct or indirect contact with blood and body fluids of infected individuals.

In the unlikely event that a patient who has visited, or travelled from, an area affected by EVD develops an unexplained illness while in Scotland, health care providers will follow the standard infection control precautions advised by the World Health Organization.

Health Protection Scotland NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Glasgow

Going for gold

IN response to Mr Ramsay's letter about the derelict land and empty shops at the Barrowland and at Parkhead (Evening Times, July 4), he should also consider the new velodrome that had been built, the new homes for the residents and the jobs or apprenticeships that have been brought with the Games.

I don't see any other areas, like Castlemilk, Easterhouse or Govan, getting the same amount of investment.

Mr Clean Via e-mail

Not so fine

Re. 'Dad disgusted' as court sends fines for dead son' (July 9). That's terrible! Alcoholism such an awful and tragic way to lose a relative as well.

My heart really goes out to the family. I hope they get the peace they need to grieve.

Kathryn Knight Posted online

Spiky problem

Introducing spiked metal barriers in Glasgow's back lanes may be going a bit over the top in targeting the city's rough sleepers, but, if we are honest, would any of us really like people dossing down outside our places of work?

J Boyd Glasgow