THE news that more people have donated organs allowing more life-saving operations is clearly to be welcomed.

It means more people have the chance of a longer life, but despite the rise there is still a shortage and people are dying each day while on a waiting list for an organ.

There have been high-profile, government-backed campaigns to increase the numbers on the donor register, but still there is not enough to match the demand of people desperate for the gift of life.

Following the increase, there have been calls in England for an opt out system of the kind demanded by the Evening Times Opt For Life campaign. Health officials south of the Border are also watching the situation in Wales where such a system will be introduced next year.

At last the rest of the UK is waking up to the need for a change in the law in order to increase the availability of donors sufficiently to prevent needless deaths.

Now is the time for the Scottish Government to act and back the bill proposed by Glasgow MSP Anne McTaggart to ensure that Scotland has a system that will save as many lives as possible.

The success of growing the register has to be applauded, but to achieve the real success Scotland has to change the law to end the heartbreak of people dying on a waiting list.