One of your readers suggests that we need a new Crossrail station at Glasgow Cross.

Maybe he doesn't know, but there already one there, although it is covered up with a raised platform at the east end of Argyle Street.

I travelled regularly to work in Dalmuir from there in the 1950s.

It might need a bit of a dusting, but it is there.

David Gartshore Via e-mail

Blame game

If DAVID Murray was so confident about the Rangers tax case, why did he sell the club to Craig Whyte?

Why did HMRC not settle when given the opportunity? They have spent a fortune going down a dead end

Rangers did nothing wrong, but this can't be the end.

This must be the beginning of finding out who did what and when.

William Connelly Glasgow

Strike plan

I SEE First have launched a court bid to stop Games bus strikes (Evening Times, July 9).

Yes, the workforce should just lie down and let the company trample all over them.

After all, this is a poor company, isn't it?

Offering the workforce 0.5% is an insult. Then they up that offer to 1.5% for two years.

How much will the management make in that period?

Good luck to the engineers.

Alex Saville Posted online

Friendly city

WELL-DONE to the activists who ripped up the anti-homeless spikes in Glasgow (Evening Times, July 10).

Let that be a lesson to anyone else, private firms or councillors, who would 'ethnically cleanse' our streets.

As we welcome our Commonwealth guests to the 'Friendly Games', this action can only help reinforce the slogan that 'People Make Glasgow'.

Neil McKay Via e-mail

Sore point

Regarding the anti-homeless spikes, so Law and Order is no more in Glasgow? Anarchy rules?

Any Tom Dick or Harry can waltz into town and remove any fittings they don't agree with and to top it all publicise their illegal actions.

Graham Steven of the City Mission is happy they have been removed though, so that's OK.

Where was Glasgow's finest when this was all going on?

LJT Glasgow