TURNING Byres Road into a car-free zone may have benefits which would make the street more attractive and bring more people, boosting trade.

It is clear from the number of independent shops which have closed in the street that there needs to be some action to make it a place where businesses can thrive.

However, there are other issues to consider, such as residents in the nearby streets and how they access their homes in an area where parking changes are already a cause for much concern and anger.

Before any decision is taken even in principle on this plan there needs to be a full and realistic consultation exercise that includes everyone in the area - business, residents, employers and workers, all of whom need an equal say.

There is no point implementing measures to benefit one group or another but which then cause problems for the rest.

Byres Road is one of the city's top high streets outside the city centre but it is also a busy thoroughfare linking two of the busiest roads in and out of the city.

Closing such a street to cars would have air quality benefits and allow space for pavement cafes and make it more attractive, but it could also displace traffic and pollution to other streets, and cause local residents access problems.

This needs careful consideration.