1 Dead Parrot:

The sketch was voted the nation's favourite in a poll carried out for TV.

2 The Lumberjack Song: The Michael Palin sketch was so popular it was released as a single.

3 Ministry of Silly Walks: John Cleese as a bowler-hatted civil servant managing to keep a straight face.

4 Spam: Customers in a cafe, including singing Vikings, trying hard to order a dish that doesn't include Spam.

5 Fish Slapping Dance: Cleese and Palin in folk dance routine slap each other with fish.

6 Spanish Inquisition: Cue high-pitched music and... "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition".

7 The Argument: Palin pays for a five-minute argument but wants more when the bell rings.

8 The Undertaker: "We can burn 'er, bury 'er or dump 'er in the Thames."

9 The Funniest Joke in the World: So funny that whoever hears it will literally die laughing.

10 Philosophers' Football Match: Socrates and Archimedes stroke their chins and contemplate football.