THE number of people fined in the city for dropping their cigarette ends on the street is shockingly high.

There are plenty of bins with stub it out trays on top in Glasgow, so there is no excuse for throwing away a cigarette stub.

Together with litter, chewing gum and dog fouling, dropping cigarettes is creating dirty streets which the majority of the population shouldn't have to put up with.

Health bosses have been told to crack down on smoking in hospital grounds and outside entrances and others should be doing the same.

Pro-smoking campaigners claim discrimination as a result of the smoking ban, but that is not a reason to litter the streets.

If employers and pubs are going to allow smoking directly outside their premises they should be providing suitable outdoor ashtrays and monitor the behaviour of their staff and patrons.

Many people are making a huge effort to make and keep our city clean and it is being undermined by the actions of a few, but as the figures show, it is still a considerable number.

The fines must continue to be handed out until the litter louts change their ways.

Glasgow has lots of far better ways to spend its cash than on cleaning up after those who couldn't care less.