He only had to flutter his long eye lashes and lift his wonderful brown eyes in my direction to win my heart but now my 'one that got away`George Clooney has done even more to endear himself to me.

The gorgeous George has shown courage in the face of tabloid lies and slammed their behaviour as despicable and rejected their feeble and, in his eyes, dishonest, apology.

The target of George`s anger is the powerful Daily Mail group. They published a story on their online version which stated that George's soon to be mother-in-law objected to her daughter`s engagement to him on `religious grounds`.

George slammed the story as a "premedidated lie". The Mail Online then backtracked and offered an apology.

George was having none of it and accused them of being "the worst kind of tabloid".

What more do you want in a man? He already has those dark smouldering eyes. A knee weakening smile. A face and jawline to die for. And charm to burn. But now his decision to stand up to a powerful tabloid not frightened to bully foes shows he has courage to match his looks.

I know it`s not very sisterly but should the beautiful and super intelligent Amal Alamuddin ever disappoint you George remember a devoted former air hostess here in Glasgow who once served you coffee with professionalism and a broad smile would always be eager to receive your call.

Of course the Daily Mail group is no stranger to apologies and financial payouts for inaccurate stories.concerning `well kent`faces.

From the significant damages paid to JK Rowling to the substantial damages to Neil Morrisey to the 125,000 pounds paid to psychic Sally Morgan and the 10,000 pounds paid to Paul Weller all in the recent past they certainly have a track record for what some call "inaccurate" stories while others call them downright lies. Go get them George.

The rich should pay their taxes

It`s long been an established fact that two of life`s certainties are death and taxes. The rich can live longer lives and postpone death longer than the poor according to all the health studies but it would appear those rolling in dosh also think their wealth entitles them to dodge taxes as well as death. Hardly a week passes without a new clever tax dodging scheme being unearthed. They like to call it tax avoidance because that`s legal and not tax evasion as that is illegal but the truth is it amounts to the same thing - tax dodging.

The vast majority of ordinary people work damn hard and regret seeing large chunks of their income being paid to the taxman.

But most also treasure the health service, the education system, refuge collection, water and sewage, police, fire and ambulance services.

All of them have to be paid for and taxing income is the fairest of all taxes.

It`s a pity the likes of millionaire Gary Barlow, much of whose income derives from tax paying public fans buying his music, thinks it is okay to try and avoid his tax duties through various avoidance schemes.

Mind you when you are allowed to become a Knight of the Realm despite being a tax dodger who can blame him for thinking it`s cool.

Of course lowly single parents working on the side to supplement a meager benefit payment can expect scapegoating, moral outrage and a probable criminal conviction for fraud.

Not so the rich and famous. If the millionaires and big companies, and many more actually paid the taxes they were due the country would not be facing cuts to public services but massive new investments in health and education.

Every pound not paid in tax by the wealthy is a pound less available for schools and hospitals.