THERE are some things that people simply shouldn't have to put up with.

Smoking outside hospitals is one of these, but still when people are going to appointments or visiting relatives they have to walk through clouds of smoke.

Rules are in place and health boards have been told to ensure they enforce them but in some places, as our pictures show, there are still some who refuse to adhere to the rules.

If there are designated smoking areas then they should be used, but busy entrances and routes into a hospital should not be a place for smokers to congregate. Many measures have been implemented in recent years to reduce smoking and smoking-related harm, not least the smoking in enclosed public places ban, which protects from second hand smoke.

The NHS has a successful smoking cessation service and is helping many thousands of people quit with professional help.

The health board knows our hospitals are no place for smoking and the majority of staff and patients, many of whom are smokers, know it too and abide by the rules.

Those who continue to ignore the rules and the health of others need to understand it as well and not subject others hospital users to their smoke.