THERE'S nothing like a holiday to really let your hair down.

We all know that feeling of freedom that comes as soon as you switch your 'out of office' on.

Even though you know fine well you have 10 days off, it's almost like being back in the playground with the promise of seven weeks - a lifetime when you're wee - of summer holidays ahead.

I've been lucky enough to have a break from work to recharge my batteries.

In reality it involved getting lost in Barcelona's Metro system and eating too much patatas bravas while gulping down Cava...but surely that's what going abroad is about?

We've all been there. When you touch down in a foreign country your guards come down, you become more relaxed and you do things you might normally do at home.

It even comes out in your clothing - hands up who has a holiday wardrobe? I guarantee you I would not be seen dead in my neon flowery mini dress in Glasgow. That's just for sunny Spain, you see.

Still, some people take it too far. When I got back from my holiday last week I read up on all the big local and national stories. When I came across the one about the female British holidaymaker filmed performing a sex act with men at a party resort in Magaluf, my first reaction was one of disgust.

How could you ever be that drunk or that daft to put your health at risk like that? And what would possess you to think it fun in any way?

But then I read the reaction and felt sickened at the abuse she received.

Firstly, we know all of this - and much more - goes on. You only have to look at your TV schedule. Yes, I do love trash telly but even I was shocked when I watched a man in his 20s light a firework from his rear end on a documentary on holiday behaviour.

Our drinking culture is clearly a massive problem.

It's evident here in Glasgow, as well as other towns and cities in the UK. The party holidays that young people go on further encourage our drunken behaviour, often pushing it to the limit.

The sex act video provoked widespread disapproval and shock - but the comments were all focused on the young woman. Why did no one question the men's involvement? It reminded me of a case last year when a teenage girl was pictured behaving similarly inappropriately at an Eminem concert.

Both females have been 'slut shamed' by society and in particular on social media while the males get to laugh it off. That doesn't seem fair.

Everyone has done silly things abroad, and there's an urgent need to sort out our relationship with alcohol. But bad behaviour has been happening for years, before camera phones were around.

It's just that now what happens in Magaluf no longer stays in Magaluf.