WHO runs the world?

Girls. Lyrics to a popular Beyonce song, and by the looks of the shock Cabinet reshuffle at Downing Street this week it would appear that the Prime Minister would agree.

Yes with David Cameron choosing to oust old male Tory faithfuls such as Michael Gove from his post as Education Secretary (my teacher friends in England are still celebrating) and doubling the number of female Cabinet Ministers, it's made for some excellent and most hilarious reading this week.

I can only assume that this bold move has been made in order to demonstrate the importance of a strong female contingent in Government, especially with a General Election looming next year for the Tories and, more importantly in my opinion, for the sake of equality in this country.

However, you would never know it from the way this story has been reported in the media.

It's already been dubbed 'Ladies Day' and referred to as 'Cameron's babes head to Downing Street'.

Not to mention the furore the women's outfits have caused.

I mean you'd be forgiven for thinking that Downing Street's pavements had been replaced by the Oscars' famous red carpet and that in fact our female MPs had been promoted to models and A-List actresses and not given Government roles such as Environment Secretary or Minister for Employment and Disabilities.

Commentating on Esther McVey's arrival at Number 10, one newspaper described her as 'Sashaying' into Downing Street, 'offering a glimpse of thigh-high skirt' and on her departure a veteran photographer apparently shouted 'let's have a turn' and her blonde mane was thrown backwards as in a shampoo advert.

The paper then went on to have a full breakdown of her outfit which included paragraphs on her dress, bag, legs, shoes, make-up and finally hair.

This style of reporting was repeated a further eight times for the other women promoted in the reshuffle and I find myself asking the question. Is this for real?

Can you imagine this sort of insane commentary from the press when referring to our male MPs?

Picture the reporting the next time the Chancellor of the Exchequer announces his annual budget plans, "Chancellor George Osborne smouldered as he glided along Downing Street while running his big strong hands through his perfectly coiffed jet black locks while wearing a seamlessly cut Saville Row suit.

"A ruby red silk tie hung around his muscular neck which complimented the little red accessory case he was carrying beautifully" - I think not.

To give one paper its due though they did manage to create an entire article around the fact that David Cameron appointed his first Conservative Cabinet Minister with, wait for it, a BEARD, since 1905.

Riveting stuff I'm sure you'll agree, although one genuinely hilarious moment did occur during the live reporting of the reshuffle courtesy of Sky News' Adam Boulton.

During his report outside number 10 the highly experienced journalist started to cough, splutter and pull some of the best faces I've ever seen on TV, only to reveal to the audience watching that he had in fact just swallowed a fly.

Let's hope that these women will now be allowed to get on with the job in hand and not have to worry about spending three hours getting dressed in the morning in case they are spotted looking anything less than Hello Magazine ready and more importantly let's hope and pray you'll never be subjected to the image of George Osborne smouldering and gliding anywhere ever again - my bad.

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