WITH fewer than nine weeks till the independence referendum the party leaders and campaigners are pushing their message like never before.

This week the Evening Times asks the men and women in charge of the parties to ask why you should heed their advice and what the implications are for Glasgow of a Yes or No vote.

The next two weeks will provide a distraction from the campaign as the Commonwealth Games takes over the city and the attention of sports fans and those who normally wouldn't be greatly interested.

But once it's over, there will be no escape from the debate that will shape the future of Scotland for generations, either by continuing within the United Kingdom or as an independent country.

We ask the leaders and the politicians for their thoughts and for answers to the questions people are asking as they ultimately will still be the ones in power after September and responsible for taking Scotland forward.

However, the decision rests with the Scottish people and in that process no-one's vote is more important that any one else's.

So have the debate with your family, friends and colleagues, listen to the arguments of both sides and then make up your own mind on what matters to you.

It's your vote and it counts.