1 Maverick:

His TV role of Bret Maverick went to Mel Gibson, Garner plays Sheriff Zane Cooper.

2 The Great Escape: In the all-star cast, he plays the part of Henley - 'The Scrounger'.

3 The Notebook: Garner plays Duke, an elderly nursing home resident who narrates the story.

4 Victor Victoria: He played King Marchand, a shady Chicago club owner.

5 Move Over Darling: Garner found love with two different wives, including Doris Day.

6 Support Your Local Sheriff: A likeable rogue as Jason McCullough who becomes a small town sheriff.

7 Space Cowboys: One of a team of ageing astronauts hired to repair a faulty satellite.

8 One Little Indian: He tries to hide on the run accompanied by two camels and a runaway boy.

9 My Fellow Americans: He plays a former US President trying to expose the current corrupt one.

10 The Americanizition of Emily: A period romance piece opposite Julie Andrews.