I'll start this column with an apology to all readers unable to secure a wee holiday from the everyday monotony of life in rainy, windy and totally unpredictable Glasgow and Scotland.

I'm writing this with the 32 degree Tenerife sunshine beating down on my bikini-clad body with an ice-cold beer in one hand and my factor 10 spray oil in the other.

I have ordered Tommy to splash around with Gabrielle in the rooftop plunge pool of our lovely hotel while I 'work' on this serious journalistic contribution.

The only interruption I am permitting is for him to get me another ice-cold beer when this one is done.

I knew there was one good reason to bring him along on this holiday.

In reality this has been a fantastic break. After more than 25 years in the travel industry I have nothing but praise for Liz at Travel Planet on Paisley Road West as she listened to what I was looking for and dealt with everything. No catches or hitches.

She recommended this Jet2 holiday package and she was 100% right. From the moment we stepped into Glasgow Airport we were met by several visible, friendly and very helpful staff and the whole check-in process, which can be a pain, was a complete breeze.

Their baggage allowance was a big help. Being allowed 22kg for each bag or 66kg between the three being checked in was very helpful.

We were also each allowed hand luggage of up to 10kg each. How sensible compared to the rip-off airlines who promote cheap flights but whack you with massive hidden costs and prove to be unreliable.

The hotel we are in is clean and friendly. We have met many fellow Scottish holidaymakers and wee Gabrielle has found new friends.

Special mention is due to Robert and Lesley from Glasgow who have been great fun.

Robert's rendition of the Robbie Williams classic 'Angels' won him not just a t-shirt but talk of a possible 'recording contract'!

People refer to him as the performer from Glasgow now not the plumber.

Their wee daughter Sophie has also taught Gabrielle to swim and been a great wee companion all round, as has Scott, their handsome son. We will definitely keep in touch.

So all in all, as my beer runs out and the sun gets hotter, I have to say we have had a brilliant holiday despite Tommy's 1980s style trunks that everyone has been laughing at.

So well done to Travel Planet and Jet2 Holidays.

On a more sombre note

I always try to avoid the news when on holiday.

The last thing you want is to read or hear something which spoils your sense of relaxation and fun. However I can't ignore the twin tragedies on the BBC World Service exposing the horror being visited on the people and children of Gaza and the loss of the Malaysian flight in mid-air and the death of 298 passengers and crew.

The pictures from the bombed hospitals in Gaza and the broken bodies of innocent children lying lifeless in the arms of their grieving parents should fill us all with anger and shame.

Anger that a modern, fully equipped and aggressive Israel is able to get away with causing such death and carnage, and shame that our Government and other Western Governments are doing nothing to stop them.

In such a grotesquely unfair conflict between Israel and Palestine it is simply not acceptable to apportion blame for these troubles equally. Israel is the aggressor nation and should be identified as such.

In relation to the Malaysia passenger flight, whoever is responsible should be hunted down and brought to justice. To either blow-up from on-board or shoot down a flight full of civilians is simply atrocious.

As a former cabin crew worker I particularly feel for the Malaysia Airline workers. That is two sets of crew lost in only a few months. Completely tragic and sad.