FOR the next eleven days the focus in Glasgow will be on the sporting stars who have arrived in the city competing for Commonwealth Games medal glory.

The people of the city will be stars too, whether they are volunteering at the Games or just making the visitors from all over the world welcome in the way Glaswegians do.

Some of the biggest names in sport from Mo Farah and Usain Bolt are in town and new and emerging stars will shine through, such as Glasgow's own Michael Jamieson in the pool.

But at the Evening Times the stars of the city all year round are never far from our thoughts and we want to hear your nominations for the North West community Champion awards.

The last of the three local finals before the big event in the City Chambers, it is your opportunity to tell us who is making life better in your area, either working or volunteering to ensure the city is a better place to live.

Get in touch using the details on page 23 and nominate your choice for our judges to consider.

The Games will give us global superstars, but we still want to celebrate the champions in the city itself ... the Community Champions, who make Glasgow great.