HAS Glasgow ever had so many senior politicians in the city as we have had this week?

We shouldn't be surprised, because wherever there's positive media coverage to be had, there are politicians, photo-bombing. And so, in the run up to the Games, we had the highest ranks of the UK and Scottish cabinets in the city playing their own Games.

David Cameron, George Osborne, Danny Alexander, Ed Miliband Alex Salmond, John Swinney and Shona Robison have all been at events in Glasgow.

I do hope they are all staying in a Politicians' Village somewhere.

Nicola Sturgeon and Johann Lamont were at the Opening Ceremony but they're from here so that's OK, they can go home at night.

Not everyone was pleased to see the Chancellor in town. After all he's not exactly Clyde the mascot, no clamour for selfies with George. He came bearing gifts, £18m for a life science research centre, quickly dismissed by Alex Salmond as a "drop in the bucket" compared to the £1000m spend on the new Southern General where the centre will be based.

The Chancellor's party pooper image prompted the First Minister to say: "He'll go back to London and then we can all enjoy ourselves at the Games."

I had a vision of the cast and stars at the Opening Ceremony waiting for confirmation Osborne's' plane was in the sky, heading south, before it could all kick off ... like teenagers waiting for their parents to go on holiday to get their mates round.

Barrowman to Dunbar: "Right he's gone, break out the big teacakes".

David Cameron is basing himself in Scotland to take in the Games, but at least he left Boris Johnson in London so we were spared the sight of him on a zip wire across the Clyde from the Finnieston Crane (Crockets would have sold out of wire cutters) or dad dancing to Rod Stewart at the opening.

The Prime Minister having ducked out of a debate with Alex Salmond dodged another challenge. The First Minister, has been here so often he's gone native and live on TV offered to take Cameron outside...for a game of golf.

The Prime Minister, sensing defeat, instead offered to take him on at tennis, thinking he's the younger and fitter man.

But Mr Salmond has been on the 5-2 diet and has to be congratulated for his success, so he shouldn't be ruled out, which would give Mrs Salmond another chance to pull the flag out of the bag trick

Such is the difference the diet has made, John Humphrey's observed at Glasgow University this week: "He is a shadow of his former self". The First Minister likes to remind everyone that he is on the same diet as Beyonce, so I can't wait to see his moves at the Closing Ceremony.

Altogether now ... uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh-uh-oh!