THERE are so many people in so many fields with crucial jobs to do for Glasgow while the Commonwealth Games are in town.

It is not only the athletes who have to perform at their peak to have their best shot at a medal and the volunteers and organisers making sure it all goes according to plan.

The city's business and political leaders have their own job to do in attracting business, helping create jobs and bringing investment to the city. And they are as eager as the athletes.

Business hubs are in operation across the city centre where ideas on ensuring the city sees a lasting benefit from hosting the games are being shared.

As well as the physical improvements in facilities and transport there is the opportunity to increase confidence in the people and - with so many visitors here - to improve the perception of the city abroad.

In years to come we must see the seeds that have been sown in the years leading up to the games bear fruit in terms of sustainable jobs, stronger communities, investment in business and confidence in a growing city.

The Games have got off to a great start but in the legacy event which is the most important prize of all, we must remember it is a marathon not a sprint.