There was so much to applaud about the opening ceremony of Glasgow's Commonwealth Games last Wednesday.

I started off as a sceptic and remain uncomfortable with an event that effectively reminds everyone of Britain's former Empire, remember they used to be called the British Empire Games?

But the combination of artistic talent, organisational skills and crowd participation made the ceremony a huge success.

Sure I have heard Rod Stewart sing better and some of the early stuff was double cheese on top but so what.

It was entertaining and a right good laugh. If one thing defines us as Glaswegians and Scots surely it is our ability not to take ourselves too seriously?

We are able to poke fun at ourselves and that is an enormous strength not a weakness.

Everyone did so well and put in so much effort. The fireworks display at the end was also a spectacular spectacle.

The abiding image from the night surely has to be John Barrowman's attempt to redefine the whole meaning of the 'Glasgow kiss'. Well done John!

From now on wouldn't it be much more positive and uplifting for the term 'Glasgow kiss' to be synonymous with a big wet smooch on the lips rather than a violent forehead clash?

I think we should all promote that big smooch image and actively contrast Glasgow's somewhat negative, dark and violent image with one that radiates love, hope and friendship.

So come on you Glasgow marketing boffins, let's promote the new identity and image which has the 'Glasgow kiss' as a loving smooch not a violent skull bone 'heidy'!!

A West End Outing

I've never been a huge 'West End' socialite preferring the 'toon' instead but on Saturday Tommy and I had a very pleasant evening in the ever impressive and multi-purpose Oran Mor.

We attended the one man play, 'The Pitiless Storm', which featured the excellent David Hayman being directed by his talented son, David Jnr.

We met up with my lovely wee Kiera Luccehsi [Stella] from River City along with some other cast members like the young and handsome Paul James Corrigan (Stevie) resplendent in his kilt and the rugged and irrepressible Frank Gallagher (Lenny) who were thoroughly charming.

I think Tommy was a wee tad jealous but he has to realise he is no spring chicken anymore and the formerly flowing locks are flowing no more.

Of course despite those physical flaws I do have to admit he does retain the charm of a salesman who could sell sand to the Arabs.

It was a great night had by all and we even over-indulged on wonderful crepes on the way home.

I would certainly recommend going to see 'The Pitiless Storm' and 'The Pure, The Dead and The Brilliant', featuring the handsome PJ and the wonderful Elaine C Smith at next month's Edinburgh Festival or at one of the many venues included in the exhaustive tour David Snr and Jnr have embarked upon.

You won't be disappointed!