WHAT a glorious week it's been for Team Scotland.

We've seen records tumble and have smashed all previous medal hauls.

We're showing the world that we can compete - and triumph - at the very highest level.

We all knew that Glasgow would rise to the occasion - that the city would open its arms and welcome athletes and spectators from across the Commonwealth - but rarely has Glasgow looked better than it has over the past week.

The sun's even put in an appearance to make the city shine.

Credit must go to the Games organisers and the legion of smiling volunteers who have ensured that the vast majority of fans have been able to get to their seats on time.

While there have been issues in and around the park-and-ride to and from Hampden, it seems officials moved quickly to supply extra buses to meet demand.

Whenever a City hosts 700,000 extra people, as Glasgow did at the weekend, there's always going to be one or two teething problems but it's testament to the professionalism of those in charge that complaints have been few and far between.

Of course the real stars of the show have been our athletes.

While this column would have to be two pages long to list all our medal winners, we've witnessed truly magic moments from cyclists Neil Fachie and Craig Maclean, Alex Marshall and Paul Foster in the bowls, swimmers Ross Murdoch, Daniel Wallace and Hannah Miley and practically the entire 14-strong Judo team, which managed an incredible 13 medals between them.

Special mention must go to our youngest ever medallist, Erraid Davies. When she burst into that broad grin after winning the bronze on Sunday night, I think the whole nation smiled with her.

In the years to come, these are the moments we'll all look back on with pride.

I was lucky enough to attend the opening ceremony last Wednesday, which contained dozens of memorable moments by itself.

While the reaction on social media may have been mixed, the atmosphere in Celtic Park was electric and everyone was swept up in the joyful swagger of the opening number and saw their spirit soar with the wonderful Nicola Benedetti.

Her violin filled the night and made us all visibly bristle with pride for our country and for her talent.

Inevitably there were a few groans, but I thought David Zolkwer and the rest of the creative team got most things right.

Yes, it was kitsch at times and a bit too knowing for some, but it also captured Glasgow's cheeky side, its proud history and amazingly rich artistic heritage.

We are gallus. Let's celebrate that, rather than try to hide it.

So here's to more of the same. Anyone who's been to Glasgow over the last week will know there's a real buzz to the city which has proven infectious.

The crowds have been fantastic and have spurred everyone in a Team Scotland shirt on to record breaking performances.

I managed to get tickets for the boxing and for the athletics in the sweepstake, and I can't wait to scream myself hoarse.

The world's eyes are on the city, it's our chance to shine, and Glasgow has grabbed it with both hands.