ONE week into the Commonwealth Games and Glasgow hasn't lost a single bit of that magical atmosphere everyone has been talking about over the past seven days despite the glorious sunny weather doing a Usain Bolt on us.

There have been scenes of people partying in the streets not to mention the now famous police officer dancing in the Merchant City much to the delight of the crowd gathered round to watch and cheer.

Yes, Glasgow is magical at moment, the good will is simply infectious, it's everywhere and with so many things happening around the city it's impossible not to go out and join in with all the fun.

The only downside to all this festival cheer is that I've been very much reminded of the fact that I'm not as young as I used to be.

Only two days partying on the trot was followed a three day hangover straight from the burning fires of Hell which genuinely had me rocking and repeating the phrase "never ever again" for 72 hours straight, I'm thinking it's time I realise that I'm getting just that little bit older.

Other things have been happening lately also to back this up. For example, when I see school- children dropping litter in the street I'm tutting and mumbling to myself,. My new favourite TV programme is Homes Under the Hammer and just this week I spent nearly 10 minutes trying to choose the perfect toilet roll in the supermarket as I've just had my bathroom redecorated and wasn't quite sure what would compliment my new decor best, quilted or coloured?

It's even become the hot topic of conversation between my friends although I did hear the funniest story ever on Saturday night while playing Mexican Poker with the girls.

My friend had just returned from the Rewind Festival at Scone Palace, near Perth, it's an '80s Festival so it naturally appeals to a slightly older crowd who remember the music first time around, so she had gone along with a group of girls in their mid to late 30s. Anyone who has ever been to a festival will be all too familiar with the dreaded queues to get into the main arena each morning from the campsite where security guards practically strip search you incase you are trying to smuggle in your own food and drink.

This, however, has led to some ingenious inventions to combat this little obstacle, my favourite being the wine bra which holds a full bag of wine in each cup but sadly not all are so prepared and it's usually some poor, naive 20-year-old having to empty their bags full of treats into the large bins before being allowed access in for the day, so surely smuggling festival contraband goods wouldn't happen with a crowd of mainly middle aged adults who know better at an '80s gig would it?

Actually it would, as my friend proceeded to tell us about a woman who was stopped at the front of the queue and asked to empty out her bag, after much resistance from her it turns out she had a tub of lemon and coriander hummus, feta stuffed olives and sundried tomatoes in there, a large Chorizo Sausage stuff down her Wellington Boot and two halves of a freshly baked tiger bread stick down her bra topped off with a bottle of vegetable juice in the leg of her fancy deckchair.

She was last seen standing at the side watching all her yummy goods going straight into the bin while crying out: "For goodness sake, not the hummus, it's from the Waitrose Organic range, you brute."

Let's be honest, if that happens at a festival you are attending there is only one conclusion to be made, yes you're old.

The Commonwealth fun and games finish on Sunday evening so there is still plenty of time to get out and enjoy all the free Live Zone events across the city.

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I HAD the pleasure of performing in the world famous Spiegeltent in St Andrews Square Gardens last night for the Edinburgh Festival Launch Party.

The wait is over and the 2014 Edinburgh Festival is well and truly here which means it's only 11 days until my show Michelle McManus' Reality: The Musical finally opens at the brand new Stand in the Square venue.

After my sell out five star review run at last years Fringe let's hope I can so the same this year.

The show runs from August 11 to 25 each night at 7pm and you can buy tickets at