AS the people in the East End of the city know only too well, there has been too many failed attempts to regenerate the area.

Despite many well meaning publicly funded schemes unemployment remained high and local amenities low, with few busineses prepared to invest in the area.

The Commonwealth Games and Clyde Gateway has the best chance of succeeding where others failed with the scale of investment and ambition in this project far in excess of any of its predecessors.

The facilities built for the Games will remain and will provide employment opportunities for local people, and the young people who worked on the building projects and had apprenticeships have the skills they can take with them throughout their career.

Importantly, the transport links created are already bringing businesses in as location, accessibility and connectivity is crucial for firms when choosing a base.

The regeneration and legacy project for the east of the city is long term, it goes way beyond the closing ceremony on Sunday.

Niki Spence of Clyde Gateway was spot-on when she said the job was not done when the building work was finished.

This job needs sustained investment and commitment to bring benefit to the people.